Kerry Biomass Launches World First Integrated Wood Pelletizing System - 04/09

Kerry Biomass, a division of Kerry Die Products Ltd, a historic leader in the manufacturing of dies for the animal feed and wood pelletizing industries, is launching today the world’s first Integrated Wood Pelletizing System in County Kerry, Ireland.

Kerry Biomass Ltd. saw a major opportunity in building the renewable biomass sectors’ first ever wholly purpose designed Integrated Wood Pelletizing System. The system is comprised of the patented B-Mass 800 Wood Pellet Press and integrated M6 Calorific Processor/Condenser. Prior to this new innovative the wood pellet industry relied entirely on adapted animal feed pelletizing technology.

The all-new Integrated Wood Pellet System optimises the raw material properties in a processor/condenser unit prior to feeding them into a high-capacity press. The press then combines high output with low energy consumption to produce premium quality wood fuel pellets. Working together, these two patented, newly developed units are more efficient than any wood pellet production line available on the market today.

Liam O’Connor, founder and CEO of Kerry Die Products Ltd. explains, “the technology was derived from extensive research in wood sciences undertaken at the University of Vienna, Austria, University of Uppusla, Sweden and the University of Umea, Sweden. The result of the research is an increased understanding of the four main properties of pellets - Lignin, Cellulose, Hemicellulose and Ash – which allows us to produce a better pellet at a higher hourly production rate using considerably less energy.” Liam’s son Hugh O’Connor further says, “our Wood Pellet System is the future for efficiently and cost effectively address the documented increases in demand in wood pellets. Wood pellets are the only economically viable biomass immediate available to meet the European Unions stringent renewable targets for coal fire power plants and other hungry fossil fuel industries.”

About Kerry Die Products Ltd. and Kerry Biomass Ltd.

Kerry Biomass is a division of Kerry Die Products Ltd., a historic leader in the manufacturing of dies for the animal feed and wood pellet industry. With over 30 years of experience manufacturing and selling dies globally, Kerry Die is now entirely focused on the biomass industry and specifically the wood pelletizing sector through its subsidiary Kerry Biomass Ltd.

The group operates two facilities, a manufacturing and head office in Fossa, Country Kerry, Ireland, and a service centre in Gothenburg, Sweden. Kerry Die Products expects to assemble and test the new Integrated Wood Pelletizing System at their existing facility in Fossa that will create both manufacturing and R&D jobs for County Kerry. For further information please contact Liam O’Connor on +353 (0) 87 7957000.

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