Integrated Wood Pellet System

Integrated Wood Pellet System

Kerry Die has designed an Integrated Wood Pellet System that:

  1. Analyses the incoming raw material on-line and identify selected properties
  2. Activates the properties of the raw material in the Processor before reaching the Pellet Press.
  3. Compacts rather than compresses the raw materials in the Pellet Press


  • Reduces dryer cost through higher moisture tolerance
  • Provides gains in energy efficiency
  • Improves total output (TPH)
  • Delivers thru hardens pellets
  • Increases bulk density
  • Lowers maintenance costs and reduces overall operating cost

The Integrated Wood Pellet System has two main components, the Calorific Processor/Condenser and B-Mass Pellet Press. The Integrated Wood Pellet System is currently available in two sizes, a 5 TPH and 10 TPH.
The Integrated Wood Pellet System is a totally automated through a single control unit and CPU

Siemens controller
HMI Simatic (S7-300) with 315 & 7.5kW frequency converts process control system with optical, analogue & digital measuring devices.

Siemens CPU
The calorific processor measures for temperature & humidity CPU controls the mineral insulated series resistance heating elements and integrates pressure sensors, linear scales, digital signals and frequency converters to optimise pellet quality, energy, consumption; die, roll and bearing life.

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