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During the round table discussion at Kerry Die’s Integrated Wood Pellet System launch, guest speak John Swaan (Executive Director Wood Pellet Association of Canada and Founder of Pacific BioEnergy Corporation) spoke of significant increases in the demand for fuel pellets worldwide. Roger Lehtonen (Project Engineer for Green Circle Bio Energy Inc. Florida, USA and former Director Lulea Energi, Sweden) further emphasised these changing market dynamics having himself recently oversaw the start-up of Green Circle’s new manufacturing plant, the largest wood pellet production facility in the world.

European demand is universally expected to go from its current 10 million tons per annum to 100 million tons by 2020.  More importantly, the only feasible solution for meeting such increases in demand is to as John Swaan explained, “go to the forest.”  In parallel, the recent worldwide recession is freeing-up wood fibre traditionally destine for the construction and pulp industries.  Lastly, new pellet production capacity is coming online in North America, Scandinavia and Western Europe and is looking to tap into these readily available sources of fibre. 

What however has previously lacked in pellet production is pellet mill technologies that can efficiently and cost effectively handle virgin fibre, process hard woods and cope with higher humidity feedstock.  This is exactly the niche Kerry Die intends to fill with their new Integrated Wood Pellet System.

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